Anti Racism Policy

At GCE Equity Release (“GCE”), we are committed to creating a workplace and digital environment that is free from racism, discrimination, and prejudice. This policy sets out our commitment to anti-racism and the steps we are taking to ensure that our workplace and digital services are inclusive and respectful of all individuals.

Our Commitment

GCE is committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in our workplace and digital services. We recognize that racism and discrimination are harmful and can have a significant impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to creating an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and supported.

Our Policy

GCE has implemented the following policies and practices to promote anti-racism in our workplace and digital services:

  1. Zero Tolerance: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination in our workplace and digital services. We do not tolerate any behavior that discriminates against individuals based on their race, ethnicity, or national origin.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: We promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace by recruiting and promoting employees from diverse backgrounds. We also ensure that our digital services are inclusive of all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity.
  3. Training and Awareness: We provide training and awareness-raising initiatives to all of our employees to ensure they understand the importance of anti-racism and the impact of discrimination and prejudice.
  4. Support and Resources: We provide support and resources to employees who have experienced racism or discrimination. We also ensure that our policies and procedures are inclusive of all races and ethnicities.
  5. Community Engagement: We engage with the local community to promote anti-racism initiatives and support organizations that promote diversity and inclusion.

Our Responsibilities

GCE recognizes that we have a responsibility to promote anti-racism not only within our workplace but also in the wider community. We will continue to advocate for equal rights and work towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Anti-Racism Policy or the steps we are taking to promote anti-racism in our workplace and digital services, please contact us at

GCE Equity Release 46 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake London, SW14 7EZ UK Email: Date: April 8, 2023